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Eugene's Favorite Mexican
Restaurant & Cantina

Conveniently located in the University district


At Chula's Cantina, our culinary journey is led by our passionate and skilled chefs, who create the most delectable Mexican dishes you'll ever taste. With expert hands and a commitment to perfection, we craft each dish using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Our chefs bring the authentic flavors of old Mexico to your table, offering a truly unparalleled taste in the area.
What sets our campus restaurant apart is the dedication to preserving the traditions of Mexican cuisine.
Join us today for some happy hour specials, and let our talented chefs take you on a culinary journey through Mexico's rich and vibrant flavors.

Tortillas are our specialty

Come in and taste our homemade tortillas,
or delicious tortilla soup!



  • Chula's Queso Dip

    A creamy, cheesy and spicy dip melted to perfection.
  • Chula's Nachos

    Loaded tortilla chips served with melted cheese, beans, onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, sour cream, guacamole and your choice of Chicken, Ground Beef, Shredded Beef, Carnitas, Al Pastor or Carne Asada.
  • Chicken Flautas (4)

    Chicken rolled up in a flour tortilla and deep fried until golden brown. Served with guacamole and sour cream. • With rice and beans $8.55
  • Pollo Fundido (3)

    Chicken and Monterey Jack cheese rolled up in a flour tortilla and fried golden brown. Topped with spicy cream cheese sauce and cheese, then baked in the oven. Served with sour cream and guacamole.
  • Jalepeño Fries

    Fries covered in jalepenos and melted cheese. Topped with your choice of carne asada or bacon.
  • Bocaditos (Sample Platter)

    Cheese quesadilla, corn taquitos and tamales. Served with guacamole and sour cream.


  • Chula's California Burrito

    Comes with carne asada, guacamole, cheese, french fries, pico de gallo, and delicious ranch chipotle sauce.
  • Mexican BLT

    Grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce,tomato, guacamole and chipotle ranch in a flour tortilla.
  • Burrito Relleno

    A Chile Relleno, rice, beans, sour cream and cheese.
  • Breakfast Burrito

    Stuffed with eggs, bacon, potato and cheese. Any extra add $.50
  • Bean and Cheese Burrito

    A 10-inch flour tortilla stuffed with beans and cheese. Add meat. $1.99
  • Wet Burrito

    Meat of your choice, rice, beans, and cheese topped with lettuce, pico de gallo and your choice of sour cream or guacamole. Add $0.75 for both sour cream and guacamole.
  • Loaded Burrito

    Meat of your choice, rice, beans, and cheese, pico de gallo, lettuce, choice of guacamole or sour cream. Add $0.75 for both sour cream and guacamole.

Chula's Favorites

  • Carne Asada

    Tender skirt steak charbroiled and topped with grilled onions.
  • Chicken, Steak, or Pork Carnitas

    Comes with onions, bell pepper and guacamole.
  • Pollo a la Crema

    Our savory sour cream parmesan cheese sauce tossed with chicken.
  • Chicken en Mole

    Delicious rich mole sauce tossed with chicken.
  • Pollo Chipotle

    Sautéed chicken in our homemade chipotle sauce (slightly spicy).
  • Chile Verde

    Tender chunks of pork, slow cooked in a green jalapeño chile sauce, garlic and tomatillos and topped with cheese.
  • Relleno y Polly Asado

    Relleno and charbroiled chicken.
  • Arroz con Pollo

    Sautéed chicken and mushrooms tossed in our homemade salsa poured over a bed of rice and cheese.

Outdoor Patio

Indulge in the delightful experience of dining and sipping your favorite margarita on our vibrant outdoor patio. It offers the perfect setting to relish your meal, soak up some sunshine, and unwind in a relaxed ambiance. Our attentive staff is dedicated to ensuring your outdoor dining experience matches the exceptional service you receive indoors. Whether you're basking in the warmth of the sun or enjoying a starry Eugene night, our patio provides an inviting atmosphere for you to savor your Chula's favorites. Come join us outdoors for a memorable dining experience that combines the flavors of Mexico with the beauty of the University of Oregon campus.

Humbly Serving Eugene

At Chula's Cantina, we take immense pride in offering the best traditional Mexican cantina experience and the most delectable Mexican cuisine you'll find in the heart of Eugene. Whether it's your first visit or you're one of our cherished regulars, we're dedicated to ensuring your dining experience is memorable and mouthwatering. We're not just about serving great food; we're passionate about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can unwind, enjoy your meal, and make cherished memories with friends and family. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Your feedback means the world to us. Click the peppers below to let us know how we're doing and help us continue to serve you with the tastiest Mexican fare and the warmest hospitality in Eugene.

Freshest Ingredients

At Chula's Cantina, our commitment to serving exceptional Mexican cuisine starts with our dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients, many of which are harvested right here in the lush and fertile lands of the Pacific Northwest. We take immense pride in the quality and freshness of every dish we prepare, and our choice to partner with local farms is a testament to that commitment.
By collaborating with regional farmers, we have the privilege of offering you ingredients that are not only bursting with flavor but also sustainably grown. From the crisp, farm-fresh vegetables that garnish our salads and tacos to the succulent meats that sizzle on our grills, every bite celebrates the bountiful Pacific Northwest.

Fully Loaded Cantina

Discover an unforgettable drinking experience at Chula's Cantina, where we pride ourselves on having a fully loaded cantina complete with top-shelf liquors, creating the perfect blend of classic and contemporary cocktails.
But the real star of our cantina is undoubtedly our margaritas. Renowned throughout Eugene as the best in town, our margaritas are a symphony of flavors, blending premium tequila, fresh citrus, and a variety of unique and classic ingredients. Don't miss the chance to savor the irresistible guava margarita, which has quickly become the talk of the town.
For those seeking an excellent deal, join us during our Happy Hour for unbeatable offers on margarita pitchers and tequila drinks. At Chula's Cantina, we're not just pouring drinks but crafting exceptional moments that enhance your overall dining experience.

Authentic Cuisine

Indulge in the authentic flavors of Mexico at Chula's Cantina, where we draw inspiration from the bustling plazas and street food vendors of Mexico. Our menu is a tribute to traditional recipes that bring the essence of Mexican cuisine to life.
From our homemade tortillas, crafted with care, to our rich and flavorful soups, every dish at Chula's is a culinary journey through Mexico's diverse regional cuisines. We take pride in preparing Mexican specialties that capture each ingredient's essence and our culture's essence.
When you dine with us, expect an authentic Mexican dining experience that will leave your taste buds dancing.
Come savor the authentic taste of Mexico with us!

Desserts that will make you
∙ ∙ ∙Melt ∙ ∙ ∙

Sopapillas, Fried Ice Cream & Flan, oh my!